When Times Get Tough...

You gotta have a Plan B!

Recession, recession, recession... It seems like all you hear on the news these days is doom & gloom. Nobody's talking about the silver lining on this dark cloud hanging over us right now!

What IS that silver lining?

We can learn a lot from those who lived through the Great Depression. There are many who did more than just survive it...

They figured out how to profit from it.

We may not be in a Depression, but you can come out of this ahead. Take control of your own future! Open your own doors of opportunity!

Everybody and their brother is looking for their personal bail out plan. But we know the government isn't gonna come save us. (And anyone who expects it should be ashamed of themselves.)

Sure, keep pounding the pavement looking for your next job. Keep in mind, though, that there are a LOT of people out of work right now, and there are only so many jobs to go around. And fewer and fewer every day as more and more jobs get cut. Adding more and more competition for fewer and fewer jobs. That's why this is the perfect time to...

Help yourself

... as well as your fellow man, by showing them the path to success, too.

While your full-time job right now is to find another job, your part-time job is to set yourself up so that you no longer need ANY job. Start learning to make a living from home using your computer and the Internet.

Don't have a website?

That's ok, you don't need one - yet.

Don't have a product?

That's ok, you don't need one. We can show you how to find products that you can market as an affiliate for quick, up-front cash.

But I've heard affiliate marketing doesn't work!

There's a right way and a wrong way to do affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing my not be your primary business, anyway, but it is a way to get quick, up-front cash. We'll show you how to use affiliate marketing to create a marketing "funnel" for your primary business - from which you will earn long-term, reliable income.

Don't have a primary business?

We can help you find one that's right for you.

Don't know how to do Internet Marketing?

That's ok. Our training system teaches you how to do everything!

Sounds like a crock?

I know it does. I've never been known to pull punches and I won't start now. So, yeah...

There's a LOT of BS out here on the Internet!

There are a LOT of websites trying to sell you the next big thing. Most of which is old news and not worth the paper they're printed on. Oh, it's not "printed on paper?" We'll there you go - it ain't worth that!

Here's the truth: there's only one way to make money on the Internet.

You've got to WORK!

There are a lot of people who sell stuff on the Internet. Some of it's useless. Some of it's VERY valuable. But there are THOUSANDS more who buy everything they see, then do nothing with it.

That's their own fault!

Are you gonna be one of them? If so, close this window right now, and forget about working from home, and go back to struggling to keep your family afloat for the next decade.

Here's another lie people like to believe:

It shouldn't cost anything

HUH? You mean you can start a REAL business and make real money for FREE?

NO!!! Get real!!!

At the same time, you've got to know that you can afford that investment AND that you'll earn it back and then some. I know a consumer advisor who likes to say, "It's not a deal unless you can afford it and you really need it." Keep that in mind.

Expect to INVEST your time and money, and expect to WORK.

If you're DEAD serious about running your own business from home, you've got to think and act like the CEO you want to be.

Ok, enough preaching... let's get to


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So Who Am I?

Your Mentor, DanniHi, I'm Dannielle Wood Hixson. Welcome to the first step on your path to success! I'm just a regular gal-next-door who refused to settle for a life of mediocrity. I've been in and out of home businesses, found success and failure, and mostly had to figure it all out on my own. After 3 years of looking, and 8 years of struggling, I finally found the right team of mentors. Let us help you.

I've tried just about everything there is to do to earn a living from home. I'm finally
doing what I love and earning the income that I've struggled to achieve since the mid 1990s. Yes, it took that long to find the master keys to earning an income others only dream about. In a matter of months, not years. My team & I can help you do the same. Because I always learned from the school of hard knocks, I've always offered to others what my learning experiences revealed to me. I guess you could say that I've always wanted to make it easier on those who were to follow the path behind me.

So... If you're ready to find the mentor you need at this time in your life, contact me at GotToHaveAPlanB@gmail.com or 1-678-696-1696.